api get service sms

Requesting the last SMS message for a given Number without any removed message (/SMS/RemoveSmsByService)

URL : /SMS/GetServiceSms?apiId={ID}&secret={SEC}&number={NUM}&serviceName={SERV}

{ID} - provided api id (Required)

{SEC} - provided api secret (Required)

{NUM} - the number to return SMS messages for

{SERV} - the name of the service

Example response:

{"Status":"Success","Message":"Telegram code 59248","ID":"xxx-xxx-xxx","ErrorCode":"Non","Error":null,"NumberOfMessages":2,"TimeOfLastMessage":"31/Jan/17 03:13:15"}

Also provided is:
the date and time of the last SMS received on the given number and the total number of SMS messages for the given number.
the ID of the message

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